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Our Awards

Alabama Press Association

2015 Better Newspaper Awards

Division E

Best Public Service1st PlaceVillage Living
2nd PlaceVestavia Voice
3rd PlaceVillage Living
Best In-Depth News Coverage2nd Place280 Living
Best Business Story or Column1st Place280 Living
Best Feature Story Coverage1st PlaceHoover Sun
2nd PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best News Feature Story Coverage1st PlaceVestavia Voice
3rd PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best Sports News In-Depth Coverage3rd PlaceVestavia Voice
Best Sports Single Event Story1st PlaceVestavia Voice
Best Sports Feature Story1st PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best Feature Photo2nd PlaceHoover Sun
Best Sports Photo3rd PlaceHoover Sun
Best Photo Essay3rd PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best Use of Graphics or Illustrations1st PlaceVillage Living
2nd PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best Headline1st PlaceThe Homewood Star
Best Niche Publication1st Place280 Living

2015 Advertising Awards

Division E

Best Single Ad 1/2 page and under- color1st Place280 Living
Best Single Ad over 1/2 page- color2nd Place280 Living
Best Regularly Scheduled Special Section2nd PlaceVillage Living
3rd PlaceHoover Sun
Best One-Time Special Section1st Place
Best In-Paper Promotion of Newspaper2nd Place280 Living
3rd PlaceHoover Sun
Best Advertising Campaign3rd Place280 Living
Best Original/Creative Idea1st PlaceVestavia Voice
2nd Place280 Living
3rd PlaceHoover Sun
Best Niche Publication2nd PlaceHoover Sun
3rd PlaceVestavia Voice
Best Use of Humor2nd PlaceHoover Sun
3rd Place280 Living
Best Presentation of Online Advertising2nd PlaceVillage LIving
Best Innovative Online Advertising- Single Ad2nd PlaceHoover Sun
3rd Place280 Living
Online Revenue Builder1st PlaceVillage LIving
2nd PlaceVestavia Voice